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Mainali is a company with a long history, specialized in the manufacture of machinery for cutting and pressing all kinds of food products. Keeping its innovative spirit, it has managed to adapt to the needs of each client, characterized by its versatility in an increasingly demanding market.

Automatic bandsaws

The production necessities are different depending on each company, and this is the reason why at Mainali this has been always the starting point, offering particular solutions adapted to the necessities of each client.

As a result of the constant interaction with the market agents and its innovative spirit comes up its large product range of automatic bandsaws that has available, from the automatic bandsaw double-cut RB-1 that allows multiplying the production in contrast with other market machines, due to its patented double cutting system, until its last incorporation in automatic bandsaws, the iRBC, which despite its reduced size comes ready to arrive at the markets where its predecessor cannot reach, through to its hardiness and profitability that makes the perfect machine for moderate production.

Furthermore, all the bandsaws are under the Mainali quality seal and are sharing the safety mechanisms that avoid any risk for the operator.

Vertical slicers

Mainali vertical slicers are designed to cut boneless products at a temperature between 0°C and -10°C, depending on the product.

Maximum homogeneity of weight, shape, and thickness thanks to the pneumatic actuators that push the product under constant pressure.

The main features are High production, Cutting precision, and Safety.

The product loaders are fully customizable in quantity and shape, according to the characteristics of the pieces to be cut.

Splitter and Multisplitter Saw

The SPLITTER and MULTISPLITTER saws with adjustable splitting conveyors are designed for products that require a longitudinal cut.

These are continuous cycle machines, in which the operator introduces the product between the splitting conveyor and the product comes out cut on the other side.

Depending on the model, the machine can do one or multiple cuts.


Our gamma of products has been designed to press any kind of boneless cured products and frozen. Moreover, the molds are interchangeable for others with different shapes.

The perfect system of massage and press allows achieving a homogeny shape of the product, which is perfect to raise the performance and productivity in the following processes.

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