Food Bandsaw

Saws to cut food

The wide range of Mainali saws has been specially manufactured for the food industry being able to cut different types of food either fresh and frozen: meat, fish, or vegetable . All the machines have been designed with the latest technology, thus offering versatile, safe, efficient equipment with millimetric cutting precision, which allows it to adapt to the needs of customers and products.

Mainali food saws are hygienic, as the ease of cleaning all its components. In addition, its intuitive interface allows easy handling for operators. All equipment has the QPS (Quick Protection System) security system that prevents the user from suffering harm.

Mainali brand machines have been manufactured with the highest quality materials and all their components have been certified for use in the food industry.

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Next, we present our range of saws for cutting food: the RB-1 automatic saw allows you to cut any fresh or frozen food exactly and precisely, with a single or double cut, with fixed or variable thickness, also offering all kinds of facilities and safety for operators. The iRBC automatic band saw offers the same functionalities as the RB-1 automatic band saw with a compact and reduced design able to fit in any space. Both saws are ideal for the food industry, adapting to the requirements and products of each sector and specific customer.

We also have the Splitter saw and the Multisplitter saw that can make one or multiple longitudinal cuts. Discover all our food machines here:

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