Meat saw

Meat saw machine

At Mainali we have extensive experience in manufacturing machines for the meat sector. We manufacture all kinds of saws to cut fresh or frozen meat, meat with or without bone and any other meat product. We have automatic band saws and longitudinal cutting saws. The machines offer maximum versatility for each type of product and sector, offering efficiency and precision in cutting, safety and ease of use and cleaning. At Mainali we design high quality compact machines with a long useful life. Ask us for information!

Next, we present our saws for the meat industry. The RB-1 automatic saw allows you to cut fresh or frozen meat accuretly, offering all kinds of facilities and safety for operators. The iRBC automatic band saw offers functionalities similar to the previous one with the advantage of having a compact and reduced design to adapt to smaller spaces. Both saws are excellent for the meat industry and are adapted to the requirements and products of each sector.

We also have the Splitter saw, if all you need is to make a longitudinal cut to your product, or the Multisplitter saw if you need multiple cuts. Discover all our saws here:

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