Pork cutting machine

Pork slicer machine

At Mainali we have 30 years of experience in manufacturing pork cutting machines for the food industry. Our industrial cutting machines allow our clients to cut pieces of pork of different thickness with precision and speed, enabling them to ramp up their productions without compromising on their safety.

Regardless of how you want to cut the pork in your food processing plant (fresh pork, frozen pork, bone-in pork, boneless pork, at low temperature, longitudinal cuts, etc.) with our automatic food bandsaws, pork portioning machines, pork slicers and bandsaws you will multiply highly increase your production and have more control over your pork cuts.

All Mainali’s products have been designed using the latest technology and manufactured with the food industry’s highest standards; they are efficient, durable and have become a reference in the sector being exported around the world.

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Our wide range of industrial pork slicer machines include from compact, versatile and easy to set up automatic cutting machinery and pork portioning machines to continuous cycle automatic lines for cubes and sticks with the latest technology. A few good examples of what Mainali can offer your food processing company are:

  • The iRBC Compact Automatic Band Saw: our most versatile pork cutter, this pork bandsaw can cut one or more pork pieces at the same time while it fits in any space while maintaining the high safety standards of MAINLI products.
  • The Automatic Bandsaw Fixed Weight RB-1 Smart: this machine allows several input parameters to control the cut at 100%; it incorporates a conveyor belt, a Quick Protection System and their components guarantee accessibility and easiness of cleaning.
  • The Vertical Slicer: this stainless steel pork slicer has been designed for cutting boneless pork and stands-out for its easy product loading mechanism.
  • The Multisplitter Saw: finally, this pork saw is a continuous cycle machine and provides multiple longitudinal cuts. The traction belts system allows an easy adaptation of the product.

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