Mainali faces an optimistic 2021

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Despite the difficulties in the international markets, Mainali has known how to adapt to the new situation and begins the year with a positive forecast.


During the year 2020, the interaction with the international agents has drastically changed due to mobility restrictions. Nevertheless, far from being intimidated the situation has enhanced their innovative spirit and has shown the necessity of increasing the interaction with their customers and partners. Guided by the aim to find a solution for this need, during the last year Mainali developed new interaction methods as the streaming system set up at their showroom, which allows the living performance of demonstrations with the products provided by the customers, as well as the distance training of their distributors updating them with the technological improvements implemented in their machinery, guaranteeing thus the homogeneity in the quality of the technical service.

This new situation has also led to strengthening ties with their collaborators, consolidating the Mainali brand in Europe and a great part of the American continent, launching at the same time their expansion for Africa and Southeast Asia. 

The highlighted innovation is the implementation of the remote connexion in their equipment, which allows improving both efficiency and productivity throughout the data collection in real-time, and at the same time, it helps to prevent and identify quickly and accurately any setback. This new system shows the Mainali bet for Industry 4.0.

The foundation in which Mainali based their growth for this new year are the sales forces consolidated during the last period integrated by experts in foreign markets and professional technicians knowledgeable of the technology developed by Mainali and also the design, development, and distribution of new equipment for the food industry that will be launch throughout the year.